Work at the Spruce Moose Chalets


A great Alaskan location to work and play.


We contract with summer & winter on-site hosts (combo job:hosts/managers/caretakers-basic maintenance & housekeeping).


Repeat Hosts Barb & Brad Cunningham and Bob & Judy Derivan with Treva in front of the Moose Pass water wheel
Our successful hosts in the past have been couples with a spirit of adventure, positive attitude, can-do spirit, resourcefulness, and problem-solving flexibility that can both take direction and also be self-managing, and work together as a team.

Basic home maintenance skills are necessary, and the ability to interact appropriately with our guests. Average 3 turnovers a week in summer.


  • Computer skills (E-mail is required. Experience with word processors & spreadsheets is helpful)
  • Maintain a basic home Wi-Fi system (or be willing to learn simple trouble-shooting)
  • Troubleshoot Satellite TV service (call the Dish Network and follow their instructions; schedule a service call)
  • Experience with a chainsaw helpful
  • No money handling required
  • Maintain a perennial flower garden

You will need three good references that you have worked for previously who can vouch for your skills, work-ethic, and ability to work for someone else. Self-employed people will be considered if they can supply comparable references to the above, such as people you have done business with. Friends are not work references.


Summer hosts need to have their own RV. Parking space accommodates 43′ coaches or 5th wheel.

Required hours average half-time weekly for two people each. Pay is full RV hook-up with satellite TV and high speed Wi-Fi for 20 hours/week

Additional hours are at a negotiated rate. Historically at least enough to recoup travel costs to and from Alaska, depending on how much you want to work and your abilities.

There’s plenty of time to see and do all there is to see and do on the Kenai Peninsula.

If you are interested, contact us by e-mail at [email protected]

Please explain your interests and abilities. Please also provide a resume, photo of yourself and rig, and at least three good work references as indicated.

Here’s what the Cunningham’s had to say about working at the chalets:

We have served as Hosts for the Spruce Moose Chalets twice now. It is the absolute best way to see much of what southern Alaska has to offer. Duties included welcoming new guests and orienting them to the amenities of their Chalet. We also got a feel for what they wanted to do and see and could recommend some of the local attractions.

While the Chalets were occupied, we could busy ourselves with small projects like lawn and garden care or minor repairs as necessary. You don’t have to do the repairs if you don’t feel comfortable doing them, but it is appreciated if you do. We helped stain and paint the Wild Rose Chalet, we’ve replaced outlets and wall switches, we’ve done minor plumbing repairs. We also built the storage shelves in the Laundry room of the Eagles Aerie Chalet and installed the window blinds. We were there as the Eagles Aerie was being built so we helped Gary and his family side and finish the exterior.

Once the visitors depart, you have about four man hours per Chalet to clean them up and get them ready for the next guest. Cleaning includes wiping down the kitchen, laundering the towels and bedding, remaking the beds, cleaning the bathrooms and showers, vacuuming the Chalet, and generally tidying it up and making it a great place to stay. We always remembered that the Chalet is the guest’s first impression and we wanted it to be a good one.

But it wasn’t all work and no play! During times when the Chalets were occupied and no chores were pressing, we would get in the car and tour the area.

Now keep in mind that Alaska is BIG. You can’t just up and take off to Fairbanks for a day trip. You can however, get to anything that the Kenai Peninsula has to offer. And it has a lot to offer. In fact, it is our favorite part of Alaska.

Don’t miss the Summer Solstice festivals in any of the towns on the Kenai. The longest day of the year means plenty of sunlight to light your visits.

The Alaska Railroad’s Anchorage-Seward run passes by the Chalets (across the lake but easily visible) twice a day.

There is deep sea fishing out of Seward or world class salmon fishing on the Russian and Kenai rivers.

Seward also has shops and restaurants to please everyone in the family. You can see all manner of marine life by taking a tour of the Kenai Fjords National Park out of Seward (highly recommended!). Humpback whales, orca, dolphin, sea lions, and otters are just some that you meet. There are glaciers all around and you might get lucky and see one calf (break off a huge chunk of ice into the surrounding fjord).

Take a day and drive out to the Homer Spit. The scenery is amazing and there are plenty of places along the road where you will want to turn out and gaze. There are miles and miles of hiking trails to wander. In late summer you can find wild blueberries growing all over. And yes, there are large land animals also. Frequently we would be driving and come upon Bald Eagles, Moose, and Bear.

If you want to see the animals, but don’t have time or the inclination to search for them in the wild, then take a short drive to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Here you can drive through a series of enclosures and see the animals close up and personal.

The scenery is breathtaking. Turquoise glacier fed lakes reflect the skies and the surrounding mountains. Driving from Anchorage to Moose Pass along the Turnagain Arm never fails to provide remarkable vistas.

You can’t see all of Alaska but you can see the some of the most scenic by checking out the Kenai. And the best part is you have the whole summer to do it!